Actor / Model / Camera Enthusiast



Sandra is an actress proudly born and based in Boston. She received her BA in Theatre at the University of Massachusetts, Amherst. During her time there, she discovered the importance of collaboration, discipline and humility. The stage starts from the ground up, therefore you must remain grounded. Sandra wants to be a part of stories that are often overlooked. Ones that challenge stereotypes and spark conversation. To Sandra, theatre is how she understands and grapples with humanity. 

Throughout her time in Amherst, Sandra discovered her second passion for the camera. Earning her UMass Film Studies Certification in one year, she captures moments through her self-portrait photography and cinematography. Just as comfortable being behind the camera as she is in front. During her time working at the 2019 Cannes Film Festival, Sandra learned the business of filmmaking through recording and editing events, panels and Hollywood figures such as Willem Dafoe, John Carpenter etc.


She is excited to work with more artists, theatre folk and filmmakers. Stay tuned for more updates!

With love, always.

Demo Real (coming soon)


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